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Available for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

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Benefits of Tracking Time with DueFocus

"Your software is outstanding. Thank you guys. It's saved me from lots of pitfalls during my daily work. No more waste of time, quintessence of productivity. Now I can't conceive of working without your app."


Andrew R.

Java Senior Developer

For Small Teams
Control Your Employees and
Check Their Focus


Freelance Studio

Make clear and comprehensive reports for your clients



Spend time and money on things that really matter



Analyze business processes and increase revenues

Hassle-Free Connection With Your Favorite Project Management Tools


Tools For Managers


Take Advantages of Powerful Feature Set

Improve Your Productivity with Cold Start

With DueFocus Cold Start feature begin tracking your projects time automatically or with just one click. What's more, now you can easily analyze and assign tracked time between different tasks particularly.


Always Available on Your Desktop


Always Available on Your Desktop

Install DueFocus desktop edition on your Mac OS X or Windows to start tracking time faster and manage all the projects from different task management systems in one application.

mouseEasy to Use
reportDirect reporting
clockSmart day planning

High Privacy and Security


Conformity of the company to the requirements of GDPR guarantees the proper level of the services offered to clients.

DATA PRIVACY WITH DROPBOX AND GOOGLE DRIVEYour data is always under protection

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What Professionals Say

“I'm really happy with this app because this is something I was looking for at cheap price and fortunatly I found it. The plus is I'm getting features like, activities, screenshots and invoices all in one application. That's why I'm planning for going on long term basis and enjoying this software.“

Imran Z.

Senior Developer

“Thanks guys, you are doing a great job. Honestly right now you blow away any of the competitors by having direct integration with 99% of the other toolsets I use. The fact I can hit one button and it blows up my slack/gcaht feeds. I love your app. Keep it up!“

Noah H.

Founder of

“Your time tracking app is incredible. Now I finally found the solution for both employees and clients. Our team is doing things way faster and finally we don't have to worry about our earnings. Thank you.“

Catherine S.

Design Team Lead

“You guys have done amazing work. DueFocus is really just incredible. Keep up the good work!“

Daniel R.

TradeThePlan CEO
Available for MacOS, Windows and Linux.